Revolutionizing the Employee Experience in 2020: AI, Hybrid Apps, Contextual Experiences, and More

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Building the best employee experience has been a priority for companies everywhere in the last few years, and things are unlikely to change in 2020. If anything, thanks to some recent technological advances, the employee experience is likely to become even more of a key concern.

Here are a few of the ways in which innovative organizations are poised to bring the employee experience to new heights:

1. Persona Analysis: Walk a Mile in My Crocs

Data matters in the employee experience, but bare data alone cannot yield useful insights. Instead, companies have to go further: They have to step into the shoes of their target audiences (candidates, employees, and/or workers preparing to exit) through persona analysis.

Persona models yield insights into demographics, gaps, and needs. In turn, that information can be used to design programs, incentives, tools, resources, and communications that actually work.

Developing a persona model starts with basic data — age, job title, family status, location, tenure, and so on. Importantly, the model should also look at the challenges faced by a persona group, its aspirations, health profile, and other deeper insights to guide effective program creation.

A word of caution: Personal models should only be used as guideposts, not as statements of incontrovertible fact. There are exceptions to every model. For example, my 13-year-old fits the Gen. Z persona to a T, with her mobile phone in her hand at all times. My 15-year-old, though, reads the paper and prefers turning pages in a book over swiping a digital interface. Read more here…

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