Salute! North Dakota Named ‘Hardest-Working State of 2019’

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North Dakota has been ranked first by WalletHub in a 2019 study that evaluated the hardest-working states, beating out other top-ranked contenders such as Alaska, South Dakota, Texas, Nebraska, Hawaii, Wyoming, Colorado, Virginia, and Maryland.

But Are We Working Too Hard?

In ranking the states, the study factored the highest average workweek hours, the highest employment rate, the lowest idle youth rate, the highest annual volunteer hours per resident, and the lowest average amount of leisure time per day.

In putting North Dakota at the top of the list, the study confirmed what everyone here already knows: Hard work is the key to success, and the people of North Dakota understand and embrace that concept!

Certainly, the WalletHub ranking shows that North Dakotans know the value of sacrifice, loyalty to their careers, and “getting the job done.” However, it also shows that employers need to routinely acknowledge hard work and take good care of their valued employees. One question that arises when a study like this one is released is whether it’s possible to work hard without overdoing it. North Dakotans certainly hope so.

Minimum Wage and Overtime Requirements

You should always ensure that employees are paid in compliance with state and federal minimum wage and overtime requirements. If nonexempt employees work more than 40 hours in a regular workweek, they are entitled to overtime pay. Regardless of whether you authorized the overtime in advance, you must always compensate employees for any overtime they actually worked. Read more here…

Source: HR Daily Advisor

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