Employee Retention Will Continue to Be Top Priority for Organizations in 2020

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whiteboard drawing showing businesses in the adaptive age relative to employee retention

I’m sure the title of today’s article is no surprise to anyone. When it comes to the game of business, the winners are those organizations that can hire, engage, and retain the best talent. Everyone knows retention is important.

The challenge with employee retention is knowing how to deal with it. What steps should we take to reduce turnover and improve retention? Here are a few articles that can help organizations create an optimal employee retention strategy.

Turnover 2019: Why Employees Leave

Turnover is a critical issue facing business today. Recruiting efforts struggle when turnover is high. Here are the results from an HR Bartender survey showing the top 5 reasons why employees leave their jobs.

Strategic HR Management: 4 Activities That Help Reduce Turnover

Proactive and strategic HR management is a key part of business success. Find out four ways that HR can help reduce turnover and achieve business goals. Read more here…

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