Recruiting Is Storytelling: To Attract Top Talent, Invest in Your PR Strategy

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In the digital age, we have more information at our fingertips than ever before. It’s common — and even encouraged — for job seekers to scour the internet for as much insight as they can glean about a company and its employees before they click “apply.”

It’d be foolish for candidates not to consult Google — and it would be just as foolish for employers to ignore how job seekers behave today.

As a CEO who started his company inside of the past decade, I am fully aware of what people will do when they hear about SquareFoot and want to learn more about my business. You can’t control everything that people write about you or discover about you online, but I encourage my team to be kind in all of their interactions. Even if we don’t land a person as a client, I want them to leave with a good impression of my team’s prowess and polish. That way, if they’re ever in a position to recommend us to a friend or colleague, they won’t hesitate.

I don’t simply espouse this core principle to my team members; I also follow it myself. I know people — candidates, clients, potential investors — will be reading about us before we ever meet. So, I try to stay a step ahead and make sure that, when they do their individual searches, they learn the right things about me and my company. Accordingly, I’ve placed additional emphasis this year on telling my story on my terms, before people ask me — and in spaces where they might not have direct access to me. Read more here…

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