13 Creative Stunts People Used to Land Their Dream Jobs

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If you want a creative job in a competitive industry, sometimes the traditional resume and cover letter combo just doesn’t cut it.

To get the attention of a hiring manager at a top agency, you’ll need something that highlights your assets, proves your intense interest in the agency, and differentiates you from a crowd of people trying to do the exact same thing — all without seeming too over-the-top, gimmicky, or creepy.

No sweat, right?

For your inspiration and amusement, we’ve put together a list of creative approaches used by real job-seekers in the marketing and advertising industries. While flashy stunts alone aren’t likely to land you the job, they just might help you get your foot in the door. Check out the marketing stunts below.

Creative Stunts People Used to Land Their Marketing Dream Jobs

1. Creating a Video Resume

Video resumes aren’t new, but they’re still fairly rare in the job-seeking world. But, back in 2012, this strategy was even more unique and non-traditional. At this point, one European created a detailed and well-edited video resume which listed all of his qualifications, skills, accomplishments and out-of-office hobbies. Read more here…

Via: Glassdoor Blog

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