2019 Talent Acquisition Year in Review

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Episode 12

Guest Shannon Pritchett from CareerXroads and I talk about the most influential technology to hit talent acquisition in 2019. We also make some predictions for 2020.

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– Give it a second to catch up to the recording. Okay, welcome my guest, Shannon Pritchett from Career Crossroads. Shannon, thank you so much.

So this is our year end wrap up kinda podcast video cast. I thought I would bring in somebody that is an absolute expert, has been in the industry for years and years, has been on the speaking stage plenty of times at SourceCon and everywhere else. So there’s been a lot of new technologies. There’s been a lot of technologies touted over the last 12 months. At the beginning of 2019, did you make any predictions as to, or have any kind of thoughts about what kind of technologies were really gonna take hold in 2019? Read more here…

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