The CEO Mastery Journey: The 7 Practices of Truly Great Leadership

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When you combine professional mastery with personal and organizational mastery, you can build a great business full of engaged employees. But you can only enter the domain of personal and organizational mastery by first developing the intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual capacity to connect with and inspire all your stakeholders so they will bring their whole selves to work every day. This is what I call the “CEO mastery journey.”

Understanding Mastery

Mastery looks different depending on what realm of life you are trying to master. For example, professional mastery means success. A successful leader — one who has only achieved professional mastery — gets very good financial results. They motivate by the carrot-and-stick approach, and they focus primarily on self-centered achievement.

But there are other kinds of mastery. Personal mastery is the ability to stay positive, present, and grateful independent of external circumstances. Organizational mastery is the ability to inspire everyone to give their hearts, minds, and souls to a common purpose.

True greatness requires a combination of professional, personal, and organizational mastery. If a leader has not mastered one of these domains, they cannot be a truly great leader.

As opposed to a merely successful leader, a great leader achieves exceptional financial results that are sustainable. They inspire by appealing to employees’ innate drives toward purpose, making a difference, and being of service. Read more here…

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