Your 6-step emergency plan for traveling employees

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emergency plan for traveling employees

Do you have an emergency plan for traveling employees?

An emergency can be as micro as a flat tire in the desert. It can be as macro as massive flooding brought on by a Category 4 hurricane. Or it can fall anywhere in between.

Bad things happen in the world. You ask your employees to travel in the world for company-related events. Ergo, some of those bad things will directly or indirectly impact your employees.

As the employer, how you choose to react, and how you choose to help and support your employees who encounter a crisis during business travel can win you a lifetime of loyalty or earn you a reputation as a company that cares only about the bottom line and not about your people.

Most organizations would prefer to be viewed as a company sensitive to the plight of their employees.

One way to achieve this is to ensure you have established a long-term standard in your recruiting to hire people who demonstrate decency and empathy.

The second key is to develop and circulate an emergency plan for traveling employees. Then effectively and repeatedly communicate that plan, so your people know what to do when the unexpected occurs. Read more here…

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