Opportunity Abounds — Grow Your Career by Learning How to Find It

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Today, there are more opportunities to grow in your career than at any other time in history. But with so many opportunities available, people can feel overwhelmed. They may not know where to invest their time for the best, most fulfilling results. I’ve found this to be the case for both people who are just starting their careers and those who are looking to grow their existing ones.

When I first started my tire company, it was a life-changing decision. I was choosing to break away from the comfort, perks, and reliability of my corporate job and thrusting myself into the unknown. While this kind of choice is commonly called “a leap of faith,” my business partner and I were acting on an opportunity that we saw. Our awareness of a concrete opportunity gave us the “faith” to take our “leap.”

Grow Your Knowledge Base

Opportunities like the one my business partner and I saw exist around us every day, and learning to recognize them starts with expanding our knowledge.

Read books, listen to experts, and exhaustively explore the areas that interest you. The more knowledge you gain, the more your vision of the world improves. Accordingly, you’ll be better positioned to see opportunities and seize them when they knock. Read more here…

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