Stop Dreading Your Performance Reviews — Start Preparing for Them

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Performance reviews can be stressful, especially if you’re new to the workforce. According to a 2017 Adobe survey, one in three millennials have been reduced to tears by a performance review, and 47 percent have even felt compelled to look for another job.

Part of the problem could be the way we prepare for these meetings. Being honest with yourself and doing some prep work ahead of time can help keep your expectations realistic — and even influence the outcome of the meeting.

Whether you’re preparing for your first performance review ever or just looking to make a better go of it this time around, here is some advice to help you ace it without the stress:

1. Keep a Brag Book

The main focus of a performance review is, well, your performance. Ahead of sitting down with your manager, take the time to identify your relevant recent accomplishments that you can bring up during the meeting.

“I recommend that everybody keep what I call a ‘brag book,’” says Amanda Augustine, a career expert at TopResume. “That can be an app you’re using on your phone where you jot down notes, or a Google Doc, or a physical notebook.” Read more here…

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