The Future Is Here, and It’s Remote: Why Companies Can’t Afford Not to Go Virtual

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Good news, office workers of the world: Your office may be about to close!

Yes, that really is a great thing, because it gives you more power. Wouldn’t you rather skip your commute, work when you’re freshest, and get the job done in a way that best uses your skills? Your boss may soon ask you to do just that.

Why? Because the virtual office trend is building. Once a nice-to-have perk, the option to telecommute is fast becoming a dealmaker for top talent.

Competition for the best candidates is high, and employer’s tools for attracting them are finite. With so many companies now providing them, flex time, wellness programs, and skill-building opportunities are nearly maxed out as innovative benefits. When it comes to what employees really want — more autonomy over their work lives — the comforts of home may be the best resources.

Now, while it’s an employee’s market, is the time to cast votes for remote work. If you’re looking for a new position, let your interviewer know how important a remote option is to you. If you’re an employer, pay attention to what your current staff really wants — or watch them leave. In a recent survey of American office workers commissioned by Zapier, 95 percent of respondents said they wanted to work off site — and 74 percent would gladly switch jobs to do that! Read more here…

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