Words of Wisdom from an Employment Lawyer Turned HR Professional

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In my line of work, I run into employment lawyers and HR professionals all the time. But I almost never run into people who are both. Today’s interviewee has that distinction, and it has given her a unique look at both worlds.

Meet Jessica Pfisterer, the Head of People at Lively, a company that provides health savings accounts to employers, individuals, and families.

How long have you been at Lively?

I’m actually pretty new here. I started at Lively about a month ago. I’m the first HR hire here. There’s a lot to do!

I bet! What got you started in HR?

I came upon it somewhat accidentally. I worked for a really tiny start-up in 2006 where I was the company’s jack-of-all-trades doing HR, payroll, and office work. At that time, I was already planning to go to law school—I’m also a lawyer. I worked there for a couple of years.

The company ended up losing funding, so I went to law school and focused on employment law. That’s what I was interested in and wanted to do. After graduating, I found that the legal work was not quite what I thought it was going to be.

I thought maybe I would use my skills to get back to the tasks I was doing before, and it worked out really well for me. I’m just on the flip side of what an employment attorney might usually do. I actually think my legal background has helped me a lot with my career since then, and I really like the part of HR that makes companies great places to work. That’s really the exciting part of it for me.  Read more here…

Source: HR Daily Advisor

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