Work Therapy is Trendy in 2020

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Work therapy is trendy right now.

Your job shouldn’t send you to therapy. When you seek help for work-related trauma and stress, your leaders have failed you. The system has failed you. More importantly, the HR team has failed you.

Yet, more and more of us are winding up in a counselor’s office because our work-lives are absurd and toxic.

Now, I’m all for therapy. It can change circumstances, broaden horizons, and change lives. But the biggest problem with therapy is that many people only go when it’s too late and all hope is lost. Behaviors are entrenched, habits feel overwhelming, and relationships are broken. We fail at work and then ask a therapist to save us. That’s a tall order.

So, if you are thinking about seeing a counselor about a broken work environment, I have some thoughts.

It’s essential to begin with the end in mind. 

Do one exercise when you make your first appointment: envision the final meeting you’ll ever have with this therapist.

How will you feel? What will have changed? How will tomorrow be different from today? Write it all down, and bring that piece of paper with you to the first appointment. Read more here…

Source: Laurie Ruettimann

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