You Can Change Your Life in January or Whenever

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The new year seems like an opportune time to pause, reflect, and make the necessary changes to optimize our lives.

But I’ve come to believe that January is overrated. There’s never really an easy time to modify habits, adjust expectations, or even end relationships. That’s because change is fucking hard, no matter the month.

So why is everybody trying to reboot their lives, right now?

Well, some say this is tradition and culture. The international calendar is the Gregorian calendar, and a majority of us are oriented around a timeline that also coincides with religious and secular holidays that influence us—directly or indirectly. Even if you don’t recognize a holiday season in December, you are exposed to it through group behaviors and marketing.

Others believe it’s nature. We begin again in January because of some primitive drive that has to do with energy, primal instincts, and the lack of sunshine. December is the womb. The solstice is rebirth. January is the time when we emerge back into the world to figure things out—or some shit like that. Clearly, I don’t believe that. Read more here…

Credit: Laurie Ruettimann

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