Back to Work Blues? 6 Ways to Take the Edge Away!

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This week is the first full week back at work after the Christmas and New Year break for many of us. It is never easy getting back into the flow of things after a couple of weeks eating too much, more than likely drinking too much and one too many late nights and lazy mornings. So here are 6 ways to hopefully make the first week that little bit easier for anyone who struggles. Of course, there are people out there (Yes! There really are!) Who are able to have 2 weeks off and go back into working life like they never left with zero effort or struggle.

Tip 1 – Eat well, rest, RECOVER!

It is not uncommon to eat loads, drink loads, totally fall out of any routine over the Christmas and New Year break. The festive season is full of work Christmas parties, catching up with friends, checking in with family – there is always an occasion to eat, drink and be Merry and all this WILL catch up on us! So Tip 1 has to be – eat well, rest and RECOVER! You don’t have to change your whole diet, just introduce a few more healthy habits and healthier options, even simple things like drink more water! Also get back into a routine because one too many late nights does take its toll. When you’re back at work you will want to look and feel well rested – a good night’s sleep works miracles!

Tip 2 – Plan – Be Prepared!

Having a plan makes everything that little bit easier! We all know that well known Benjamin Franklin phrase ‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’, and it is very true. One way to prepare could be to decide on your outfit for work the night before and have it ready  –  find something that works for you, something that makes your morning or day run more smoothly! Being prepared and having a plan makes such a big difference so it is well worth doing. Read more here…

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