Technology Should Accommodate Workers, Not the Other Way Around

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Technological development is moving at lightning speed. Artificial Intelligence (AI) implementation grew 270% in the past 4 years and 37% in the past year alone. However, many businesses are adopting technology with the wrong intentions.

If businesses don’t invest in AI today, they will get left behind tomorrow. But instead of adopting new tech simply to keep pace with industry trends, businesses need to start considering tech investments through a more “human” lens.

When technology is adopted based solely on whether it will improve employees’ efficiency and potential, businesses thrive. The smartest tech investment businesses can make is in learning technology that powers upskilling and retention, both of which will determine those who survive the workforce’s evolution.

Letting AI Close the Skills Gap

A majority of senior AI professionals believe that a lack of talent and qualified workers is the greatest barrier to successful AI implementation across businesses. Traditional corporate training methods or one-size-fits-all eLearning programs won’t be enough to close this skills gap or create the adaptable workforce that AI advancement requires.

Without essential components like virtual coaching, peer-to-peer social interaction, and personalization (powered by AI itself), most learning programs simply won’t stick. Companies can close their own AI skills gaps and see value from AI implementation by taking a modern approach to learning that prioritizes adaptability. Read more here…

Source: HR Daily Advisor

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