Building a Sustainable Internal Mobility Ecosystem in 2020

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Remote work, telecommuting, the gig economy, mobile workforces—today’s workplace is almost unrecognizable from what it was even a decade ago. To serve as an effective business partner in this era, HR professionals must not only understand how the workplace is evolving but also anticipate changing business objectives and keep up with geopolitical events, societal changes, and technological advances.

As we approach a new year and decade, internal talent fluidity will become an important element of successful talent management. It’s a natural expansion of the definition of mobility, which has evolved over the years to include the use of mobile devices and platforms to conduct business and collaborate and to facilitate the flow of talent where it’s needed most, regardless of location.

In an era of fierce competition for top talent—a time when business cycles have accelerated—the free flow of talent is more critical than ever to company success. Agility requires internal talent fluidity in roles, skills, projects, and regions. Think of it as the new frontier in the competition for talent.

Improving the Employee Experience and Business Value with Internal Mobility

As organizational charts become flatter and collaboration more critical, companies need an internal mobility ecosystem that works from the bottom up and also from side to side. Employees have more choices than ever, and they may not envision their careers unfolding in the traditional linear fashion. The path to success is more like a constellation of possibilities.

That means organizations want to attract and retain the most knowledgeable and creative team members. They have to rethink what they offer to keep up with changing values, which is why there’s so much emphasis now on the employee experience. But talent managers also need to find a way to maintain a network of internal talent that the company can connect with as the need arises. Read more here…

Source: HR Daily Advisor

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