How to Run Better Office Meetings

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We all know the feeling: You have a million things on your plate, and you have to head into yet another meeting. What’s worse, you have the sinking suspicion this will be a waste of your already limited time.

It turns out you’re not alone. A 2018 survey finds that workers deem office meetings the biggest time-waster. And they cost a lot in money as well as time: In the U.S., $25 million is wasted each day on unproductive meetings. Harvard has even developed a meeting cost calculator, where you can calculate the exact cost of a meeting based on its length and the salaries of those attending.

But we can’t cancel meetings entirely. Research shows that the majority of communication occurs through nonverbal cues — so relying completely on email and other digital communication methods isn’t an alternative.

It’s time to rethink how meetings are run at your workplace. This can save time, improve efficiency and hugely impact employee satisfaction. Here’s how to get started.

Figure out what’s working and what isn’t

Unfortunately, research suggests we aren’t as good at running office meetings as we think we are: 79% of meeting hosts think the time is productive, but only 56% of those attending feel the same way. Reevaluating your approach to meetings starts with assessing which formats and tactics are effective and which aren’t.

It’s essential to work on this since the frustration with meetings can lead to dire situations: Multiple studies show that ineffective meetings are a predictor of unhappiness at work and can make employees more likely to quit.Read more here…

Source: Indeed Blog

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