Managing employees: 10 readers’ choice articles

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It’s a new year, and Insperity wants to honor its devoted readership by sharing 10 articles on employee management that business leaders have consistently found most helpful.

Not surprisingly, these articles focus on taking care of your employees.

People are the backbone of your organization. You can have a clever business strategy, a differentiated product and spiffy, new technology, but without a dedicated team, your dreams will remain dreams.

The following articles take you through the natural life cycle of an employee. What questions do you ask candidates in a job interview? How do you set them up for success and reward them when they achieve? And how do you handle conflict, poor performance and, regrettably, employee termination?

Enjoy a basic primer on many aspects of managing employees, curated by you:

1. Difficult conversations with employees: 9 crucial rules to remember

For many business leaders, when it comes to difficult conversations with employees, initiating a simple talk can be a real roadblock.

Whether it’s a performance issue or employees feuding, there comes a time when leaders must break the silence.

It’s easy for managers to brush the issue under the rug. They often don’t know how to handle the situation or emotional employees.

But avoiding these conversations can make the situation even worse. The longer you wait, the more it can affect the workplace environment and productivity.

Try these tips to put your fears in the rear-view mirror so you can focus on growing your business.

2. Calling in sick: What to do when employees lie

Poor Gloria. She had a horrible case of the flu and spent Friday and Monday in bed – or so she said when she called in sick. But not according to her coworker John, who says he saw pictures on Facebook of Gloria with a group of women on Friday celebrating and preparing for a friend’s wedding.

What is an employer to do?

Use these eight tips to determine the appropriate response (and potential disciplinary action).

3. Dealing with difficult employees: A 5-step plan

As a business owner, manager or HR leader, you need to be an expert at dealing with difficult employees.

A difficult employee is not just a problem between one employee and another. If one person makes life difficult for the company, discontent can fester and become a major distraction. The air of dissent affects everyone and can cause a dramatic decrease in productivity and the departure of other employees.

If handled correctly, you have the power to diffuse the situation and return the team to productivity.

Here’s a five-step plan that can help you diplomatically and effectively resolve these situations.

4. Managing emotional employees: 10 tips for keeping your cool

Every leader dreads managing emotional employees. Read more here…

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