What Are the Pass Rates for the SPHR, PHR, SHRM-CP, and SHRM-SCP?

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In our HR certification study group on Facebook, we have an amazing community of supportive HR professionals who are working towards their HR certifications. We cheer (and hit those like buttons) when someone posts about passing their exam, but we also rush in and support anyone who posts that they didn’t pass this time. We encourage them, and talk about how failure can be a learning experience, especially with the HR certification exams – because with the pass/fail information, the exam taker also gets details on how they fared so they can learn what to concentrate on the next time.

The most successful among us see opportunity in failure. There’s a quote from Japanese author Naoki Higashida: “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” It’s never easy to find out you didn’t pass the certification exam, but what really matters is that you’re not alone. And you won’t have to take the test seven times to pass on the eighth. I wanted to share pass rates for each of the exams.

PULL: “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” – Naoki Higashida

In my own career, I’ve learned to see failure as a growth opportunity. If I’m not failing, I’m not taking risks, and if I’m not taking risks, I’m not growing my business. Failure, to me, has become a signpost on the road to success that tells me I am reaching outside of my comfort zone. These risks are important for innovation, for career development, and no risk is so large that it leaves us on our knees for very long. If I ask a roomful of HR professionals if they have ever failed, I alway hope to see every hand raised. Without failure, we cannot grow.

What Is the Pass Rates for PHR, SPHR, SHRM-CP, and SHRM-SCP? 

While it can feel like failing your HR certification is a setback, it’s important to know the pass rates by exam type: SPHR, PHR, SHRM-SCP and SHRM-CP. For first-time exam takers, the PHR has a 59% pass rate. The SPHR has a 57% pass rate. The SHRM-CP has a 70% pass rate and the SHRM-SCP has a 53% pass rate. This means for three of these HR certifications, the initial pass rate of the exam is just a little over half. Nearly half of HR professionals who take the PHR, SPHR and SHRM-SCP fail the exam on their first try. Read more here…

Source: Workology

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