If Coronavirus Hits Your Family You’ll Need to Have These Documents and This Information Ready

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Obviously we are all hoping that the current Coronavirus health crisis passes without too much devastation. But it is always better to be over prepared than caught off guard. I thought the following information from a Fox Business article would be very useful for any of my readers.

Getting a list of bills and accounts together, and providing access to any online accounts to a trusted loved one, is important in case someone gets quarantined

The uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus has people making unusual preparations including hoarding everything from hand sanitizer to toilet paper! But what you really need to be doing for yourself and your loved ones, particularly if you or a loved one is age 60 or older and/or your loved ones are located in other cities, states or countries, is organizing key wishes and information.

In our Future File business, we focus on helping people to organize the most important information they and their loved ones need for emergencies, health issues, aging and even death.

Based on our experience, here is what we suggest organizing to make sure that you have needed information together in case you or a loved one contract the virus—or have any other health or emergency to contend with.

Medical Information:

Medical information is critical to have easy access to. Make sure that you have organized your medical history, medicines and other key medical information for your loved ones.

If you end up in the hospital, this will help make sure that you get appropriate treatment quickly and efficiently without delays from not having access to this information.

Legal Documents:

In the face of COVID-19, Google traffic on how to make a will is at its highest level ever. And yes, you should have a will in place but you and your loved ones should also have in place a health care power of attorney and a property power of attorney, in case you need a loved one to make a decision for you, should you or your loved ones become unable to make decisions about health care or assets.

A health care power of attorney is also important if you have adult children (at college or out of the house); otherwise, you won’t be given access to their medical information or be able to weigh in on your children’s treatments, once they are legally adults.

Personal Accounts and Information:

Getting a list of bills and accounts together, and providing access to any online accounts to a trusted loved one, is important in case someone gets quarantined and may not have access to take care of day-to-day activities, bills and the like.

Make sure that they also have access to keys and alarm codes for your home and office that they can access in case you end up in the hospital and you need a loved one to water plants, feed pets, access work files, etc.

There is more that you can prepare, but this is an incredible start that can really help your family.

Getting your information and wishes together can help ensure that if something happens, you aren’t left without key information and documents that you need.

Do it today. Remember, nobody ever wishes they had prepared less for an emergency.

Source: Fox Business: https://www.foxbusiness.com/money/coronavirus-family-documents-information