A recruiter used my dad’s death to try to get me to accept a job offer:

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A reader writes:

I was contacted by a recruiter about a job opening in my field. I wasn’t actively looking to leave my current position, but the new role would be a step up in responsibility and one that wasn’t available at my current company.

I made it to the final round of interviews and was told a decision would be made soon. The next week, my dad passed away in front of me. It was traumatic and I was off work on bereavement leave for the next five days. During this time, the recruiter emailed and called me to say I had been offered the job. I wasn’t checking any email or voicemail for a few days and I know it’s my fault for not getting back to her immediately. I responded a few days later letting her know what happened and that because of the situation I wouldn’t be able to accept the job offer. Read more here…

Source: Ask A Manager

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