A CEO Gets Real About Recruiting

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All CEOs say they value talent. They say that recruiting and retaining the right people is important. They say that people are the heart of their business. But we all know that what chief executives say and what they believe — and how they behave — are not always the same.

At the upcoming ERE Digital event (April 15–17), Erik Huberman will talk about his views on and experiences with working with recruiters as he grew his business. The CEO of a $75 million company, Hawke Media, Erik will reveal deep truths about both the pleasures and the pains of engaging with talent acquisition professionals to achieve success. He and I recently spoke about some of his views.

Generally speaking, what do many CEOs think about recruiting?

That it’s just about getting people in the door. They don’t always think in terms of how recruitment compliments culture and how it can be part of forecasting growth. They don’t always acknowledge their recruiting teams for doing a lot more than just filling seats. There’s a lot that goes into finding the right people. You can’t just source and hire someone in two weeks.

What is your biggest expectation of your recruitment team?

Here’s what I want to know: Can you get me someone that I couldn’t get myself? Can you sell a person on the dream of the job, not just on salary? Or are you merely pulling in people who you’re just lucky to have? I want my team to be building a pipeline of people, not just reading resumes that happen to come in. And I want people who come to my company to be excited about their jobs — recruiters are an important part of making sure that we get such people. Part of that is having recruiters who understand the nuances of why certain people would be good at certain jobs. I want recruiters to have that sort of powerful insight. Read more here…

Source: ERE

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