Searches for Remote Work Surge on Indeed: Analyzing the Trend

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As the coronavirus has spread, work has changed for many people. Prior to the outbreak, 29% of employees had the option to work from home. But in an ever-growing number of cities and states, quarantine restrictions mean that only “essential workers,” such as health care personnel and grocery store employees, can leave their homes to perform their jobs.

This leaves a significant portion of the population working remotely — many of them for the first time. Jobs once thought nearly impossible to do from home now must be adapted, as this is the only way many businesses can function in the new environment. Companies specializing in conferencing and communication tools, such as Zoom and Slack, are currently hiring as demand for their services skyrockets; with most U.S. schools closed, even preschool teachers are moving their operations online.

So how is the transition to remote work being reflected in job searches and postings? We sat down with Indeed economist Nick Bunker to see how job seekers and employers are responding to the changes.

Searches for remote work have doubled since February

Interest in jobs that offer remote work has jumped since the COVID-19 crisis began. In fact, since the beginning of February, searches including such terms as “remote work” and “work at home” have more than doubled, from 1.6% of all searches on Feb. 1 to 3.5% on March 22, and we continue to monitor this traffic closely. Though in certain industries, such as food service, remote work is nearly impossible, there are opportunities in others.

According to Nick, “This may suggest that people who have recently lost their jobs are looking for opportunities to work safely in this new situation.”Read more here...

Source: Indeed Blog

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