Can We Go Without Face-to-Face Interaction?

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While Covid-19 certainly has brought about an entire new realm for the world in multiple ways, the necessity of in-person human involvement, shall we say, has been evolving now for some time. The digital age has been seeing processes once managed by humans go the way of bots or something other robotic process automation. Cars are driverless, virtual classrooms have been increasing in popularity and who really goes into their bank anymore to handle transactions?

Arguably the most or certainly one of the most impacted industries in the digital era has been retail as we know (or knew) it. Today’s teens don’t see the allure of going to the mall on a Friday night to spend hours walking the floors wit friends, popping into stores to spend our allowance and sitting in the food court trying to look cute. You can meet your next date without leaving the comfort of your own living room and you get where I’m going with all of this.

So what have we seen now with the literal hostile takeover by the virus known as corona? Suddenly our schools had no choice but to shutter, as did our shopping malls and cinemas. It took away our ability to congregate at a restaurant and our favorite watering hole, while church gatherings and the seemingly innocent child’s birthday party have become forbidden ground. And if that weren’t enough, it’s taken away many of our outside options as well. Continue reading here…

Origin: The Staffing Stream