Covid-19: How the healthcare market is responding

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First and foremost, to all the members of the healthcare community – we see you.  A heartfelt thank you for your extraordinary efforts and sacrifices.

As part of our commitment to serve those serving us during this time, we have aggregated examples of how healthcare companies and providers are incentivizing those staff members serving on the front lines of the coronavirus. Many healthcare organizations are looking for answers on how to better retain and offer support to their staff, and my hope is this provides some ideas.

Below is a snapshot of what’s being done in healthcare today to support the talented – and selfless – individuals responding to the coronavirus.

Responding to the Crisis

Some healthcare companies and providers are offering additional benefits for the well-being of their employees. Others are offering financial incentives, including extra PTO, additional pay and bonus. And most are taking highly proactive measures to try to get more staff added – in an effort to hopefully limit the excess of overtime that will undoubtedly be needed over the coming weeks and months. Continue reading here…

Via: The Staffing Stream