Best Tech Companies to Work For in 2020

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Now more than ever, future employees are looking to join organizations that honor them with a competitive salary and exceptional benefits. Tech companies fit the bill as they’ve earned a reputation for being intentional about prioritizing the importance of employee happiness. 

In spite of all that is going on in the world, tech companies are still actively hiring and looking to fill essential non-technical and technical roles. Are you looking to join one of these elite and highly coveted organizations to make a career pivot to technology? Make sure you are considering the top-rated tech companies, first. 

To help your search, we turned to our Best Places to Work in 2020 list to highlight the highest-rated technology companies, who are also eager to hire. These companies offer tremendous impact, outstanding career opportunities and growth, and of course, tons of open jobs at all levels. From email marketing, engineering, and software development, the below roles show the diversity of the technology industries and verticals. Continue reading here…

Credit: Glassdoor Blog