The Ultimate Coronavirus Panic Buy

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This week our (home) office got two new coworkers. They’re easily distracted and prone to bickering. I often catch them sleeping on the job and when they’re awake, they think it’s fun to interrupt my video calls. I can’t hold it against them though. They’re young, siblings, and growing up is hard work! They don’t get to do much around here yet, but the whole office takes regular breaks for walks outside and a chance to meet some new people along the way. We can’t do much outside of our homes right now, but these two make life fun and interesting.

Now is not the time to do a lot of things. You can’t go to the movies, spend the weekend at an amusement park, let your kids play on the playground or have friends over for a drink. But you know what you can do? Adopt a puppy. Read more here…

Source: Laurie Ruettimann

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