The #2 Rated Applicant Tracking System?

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Most days I receive email from HRTech vendors who find SelectSoftware and want their solution listed on the site. Some are amazing solutions that we’ve somehow missed previously. Some are clearly not a good fit. And, some simply illuminate the challenges of buying HRTech! This was one of those such emails.

A few weeks ago I got this email from a vendor who wanted to be on the site (all identifying info is de-identified, I have no interest in calling them out):

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 1.27.08 PM.png

I always look at these messages and try to respond quickly out of respect for the people building our next generation of HRTech companies. I also want to be efficient and so will do 2 mins of research on the company so that the next best step is accomplished as fast as possible.

In this case, I realized the company had 5 employees and was based in a far off land. I responded thanks for reaching out, but do you mind sharing your revenue or customer count. I saw they had 5 employees, and I don’t feel comfortable recommending software to our audience that doesn’t meet a minimum scale threshold (maybe we’ll have a section in the future for the earliest stages of startups, but we have too much work to do before that happens). Continue reading here…

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