#HRIdea #10 – Solutions When You Have a Wild and Crazy Boss

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“I see the classic image of the boss as a total anachronism. It may work in certain connotations like ‘organized crime boss,’ ‘union boss,’ or ‘pit boss.’ But being bossy per se is not an attribute that I have ever seen as desirable in a manager or anyone else for that matter.”

That was a statement from Richard Branson from his book Like a Virgin.

I must say that I am a big fan of Branson’s, and this statement nails it. The word boss alone sends shivers down my spine. As companies struggle with engagement or better still the experience, the BOSS is the bottleneck.

Manager, boss or bully

How many bosses do you have in your organization? Close your eyes and think of the work and how many of your leaders would fit the description. I myself had two in my career. The dictatorial attitude still sends shivers down my spine. The sad part of this is that they thought they were great leaders. Someone or something had convinced them that they were on point in that analysis. Their teams would always say exactly what they wanted to hear, minus one.

They come in all shapes, sizes and gender. One would sit and gossip all day. There was no such thing as a confidential conversation because as soon as someone left the room, she was on the phone. The other would go into temper tantrums and threaten to fire everyone.

Fittingly, the last one left the company and there was a planned going away party that was scheduled in the main conference room. The attendees were her direct reports. No one in the company showed up unless it was to stick their head in the door and complain about a meeting they were headed to. In all honesty, I watched her have the “aha” moment, and the sadness showed on her face. But as my mother always told me, “You reap what you sow.”

My two bosses were what I would call bullies They were nasty, overly critical, they badgered employees who could never do enough to please them. One of them joked that whenever she would go to a location, everyone would run and hide because they thought she was coming to lay off people. When I asked whether she felt comfortable with this being her brand, she gave me a “look.” Read more here…

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