HR Idea # 4 Ways to Support Working Mothers in Your Organisation:

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Balancing work with parenting duties can be a serious struggle. For new mums, making the transition back to work after maternity leave can be a difficult process. To understand more about the struggles working mothers face during this time, and how businesses can best support them, HR training providers DPG have recently surveyed 1,000 UK mothers with children under 16 about their experiences returning to work. The results highlight common major problems, as well as giving insight on how they might be solved.

The Problems

The research highlights that difficulties returning to work after maternity leave are commonplace. 9 in 10 women (88%) face issues with their work place during this transition. Among the most significant found by the survey are:

  • 54% struggled to balance their time between childcare and work
  • Over half (52%) felt guilty for spending so much time away from their children
  • One-third (33%) struggled to cover childcare costs
  • One in ten (12%) suffered from mental health issues related to their return to work

The consequences of these issues are significant, both for the mothers themselves and the businesses they work for. As a result of struggles returning to work after maternity leave, half of the mums (49%) reduce their working hours, and a further one in five (19%) leave their employment altogether. This represents a high turnover of experienced staff, which could be reduced should organizations offer more support to employees.

How to Help:

1. Flexible Working

At times, parenting can be unpredictable. Sickness bugs, sports days, and school plays all come as part of the package, and it’s not always possible for mums and dads to plan ahead for these events or use holiday allowances to cover them. Read more here… 

Source: The Undercover Recruiter

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