How to get Buy-In for Your Next HRTech Purchase: the HRTech Roadshow

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Today we’re going to go through a bulletproof playbook that will result in the necessary internal buy-in needed to successfully buy new HR technology.

Make no mistake about it, buying HR and TA software is really difficult.  There are too many vendors, opaque pricing, and internal stakeholders to deal with.  Plus, there’s that whole day job thing you’ve got going with keeping employees happy and filling new requisitions.

The most common reason new HR tools fail is a lack of buy-in from the rest of the organization.  This usually manifests in one of three ways:

  1. HR/TA can’t get budget for the new initiative
  2. The implementation is a failure as it relies upon adoption across the organization
  3. The initiative gets blocked by another stakeholder outside of HR/TA

The Real Issue 

Let’s face it, HR and talent acquisition are thought of mostly as cost centers. The executive team wants to squeeze as much juice out as possible, with as little investment as possible.  It’s not fair, not rational, but it’s the reality for many teams.

Of course, there are exceptions.  But, the barrier for human resources to break through and get new tools can be really high – even if new software is desperately needed.

Beyond this, most executives are insanely busy and don’t have the headspace to think through what a new ATS may bring to the table, or why an hr chatbot is a good investment.

So – it’s on us to clearly articulate why, how, and what we’ll get from this new investment.

Enter, The HRTech Roadshow

roadshow typically happens when a company is trying to go public.  They make a presentation about what a great business they have, and then get investors to buy into their company, one presentation at a time.

HR can use the same formula to get executive buy-in for new initiatives.  It’s all about creating the right presentation, and then getting 30 mins with each of the key stakeholders in your business.

The Presentation

Your roadshow presentation should have a few key parts.

  • Pain: What is the business pain that is happening as a result of not having the tool you want? Maybe this is a lack of new customers because there aren’t enough salespeople or a poorly executed product due to high churn in the engineering ranks. This about how this pain is impacting the KPIs that the c-suite cares about.
  • Why: Why is this pain happening? There may be macro factors such as a tight labor market. There are also factors specific to your business that the new software will alleviate such as a lack of recruiter capacity or low employee engagement. Continue reading here…

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