It Takes a Village: Get Everyone in Your Business Involved in Your Social Sharing Strategy

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You’ve probably heard the saying “it takes a village to raise a child.” This same statement can be applied to your marketing, and more specifically, the social media strategy for your company.

Why is the “village” so essential? Because their unique perspectives are a value-add.

Everyone in your company sees a different part of the business, right? Some are in the C-suite. Others are middle managers. Still others are entry-level.This gives them a unique way to highlight your business and shine a spotlight on the different aspects of what makes you, you!

Every team member is connected to multitudes of friends, family, and colleagues in their social media accounts. If you unleash them to share your social media content, you exponentially increase your business reach. Every employee brings value to the social media conversation.

Goals first, tactics later. Your social media strategy needs to start with your business goals. Why? It gives you direction. You’ve most likely put together a business strategy for the first and second quarter. And, even though we’re facing a lot of uncertainty right now, I’m sure a lot of you have planned much further than that. Making sure your social media strategy is aligned with your goals is essential, because it allows you to choose what and how you’ll measure the effectiveness of your strategy in conjunction with those goals.

It’s all about layers and alignment. Each layer of your marketing should be aligned. Sending out mass emails? Make sure you are sending them to a conversion page on your optimized career portal or job board. Posting on your social media accounts? Make sure the posts link out to your job board. Are you in a business-building stage and need contacts for your sales team to reach out to? Make sure your posts are using language that your buyers want to see rather than what you want to see. Then, make sure you’re linking to your contact page or services page.

Social media rewards the multitude. Most social media sites reward social media accounts that have volume in terms of interactions with their page. This includes likes, comments, shares, and mentions. If you get a lot of these, the organic reach of your post vastly increases. I work with a company that pushed its employees to simply “like” their posts on LinkedIn. They regularly saw the reach of their posts more than triple, moreover, the number of people clicking to their website had a direct correlation to that increase as well. The lesson? If you have your team get involved, there is real data to support and reinforce the effort. Continue reading here…

Source: The Staffing Stream

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