4 Awesome HRTech Leader Backstories

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If you work in Human Resources, you know the frustrations that archaic or over-complicated software can bring to the table. When a program doesn’t run as promised or as you had hoped, a perceived time-saving investment can quickly become a headache that puts you behind on your work and leaves you feeling unproductive and frustrated at the end of the day.

To save you the pain, we’re bringing you more than just some of our top software recommendations in this post. Take a peek into the background of these HR software companies and get to know the real HR experts behind the programs, because we all know that when it comes to the HR world, you want tech that’s been developed by business owners who live and breathe everything HR.

Spark Hire

While in college, Josh Tolan worked for a marketing firm that experienced exponential staff growth in a short amount of time. With this growth, they also, of course, experienced the pitfall of hiring promising employees who ended up becoming another turnover statistic or were simply just not a good fit for the company. Strongly feeling that there had to be a better way to identify the right candidates earlier on in the interview process and without time-consuming meetings, Josh had the idea for a one-way interview video system, and with that idea, Spark Hire was born.

The one-way video interview is a truly groundbreaking idea that allows for recruiters to essentially “screen” candidates instead of spending valuable time on first-round interviews by having them record answers to pre-listed questions through video software. 

“You’re able to review these video recordings at your convenience and share them with hiring managers. As a result, you’ll interview way more people in far less time, learn more about your candidates, and boost collaboration so you’re only investing time and effort into the best candidates for in-person interviews.” – Josh Tolan (The SHRM Blog) Read more here…

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