EngageFx Offers Customized Employee Engagement Solution

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Einstein once said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. This is how I feel most companies approach employee engagement.

The quest of employee engagement for many HR and business leaders seems to be never-ending. Over the last 20 years, employee engagement has seen only minimal improvement. What we–meaning most employers–are doing is not working. See my reference to insanity above. That’s why it’s time to take a new approach with your employee population and leverage tools, methodologies, and technologies that are different, innovative, and customized to your company’s specific needs.

I recently took a test drive of ITA Group’s employee engagement diagnostic called EngageFx. EngageFx is a customizable survey that educates employers on the best way to engage their specific employees.

What Drives Employee Engagement at Companies? 

Prior to creating the diagnostic, ITA Group completed extensive research to explore how psychological benefits drive employee engagement. EngageFx builds on this research and uses it for benchmarking within each custom survey to provide a tailor-made approach helping you to understand nuances and barriers to employee engagement within your organization.

Psychological Benefits and ITA Group’s Employee Engagement Methodologies 

Their unique approach focuses on key employee engagement drivers including functional benefits, emotional benefits, and identify benefits.

Functional Benefits help you determine whether employees believe that the company facilitates professional growth and success while enabling a good work/life balance.

Emotional Benefits help you evaluate the emotions your people feel and whether their typical work days evoke overall positive (vs. negative) emotions.

Identity Benefits help you understand, on a deeper level, how you’re impacting employee self-esteem, interpersonal connections and cultural alignment. This category is divided into the subcategories of personal identity, social identity, and cultural identity benefits.Read more here…

Source: Workology

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