The pandemic’s impact on gig economy

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Organizations historically plan for occurrences like natural disasters, energy shortages, and digital outages (remember Y2K?). They invest billions in disaster-recovery plans, data availability, and backup sites. But let’s admit it — unlike a few Hollywood movies, not many companies give real thought to preparing for a health pandemic.

Within a short period of time, the coronavirus outbreak has affected human life more than we could’ve imagined. COVID-19 is disrupting the global economy and forcing billions across the world to stay at home to contain the spread. Consequently, enterprises of all sizes need to adapt quickly to a new reality in which the only thing certain is uncertainty. Finding themselves without a blueprint, they are scrambling to transform overnight from physical to virtual workplaces, recalculate their go-to-market strategies, and redefine their product offering.

While industry after industry and market after market across the globe are struggling to survive the pandemic, one sector in particular is benefiting from the chaos — the gig economy. Read more here…

Source: ERE

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