Servant Leadership in a Time of Crisis

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Rob is the senior director of recruiting for the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. I recently spoke with Rob how the Choctaw Nation’s diverse TA team is navigating through the COVID-19 challenge. Our discussion included:

  • Why storytelling is essential to leadership and TA
  • How diversity cultivates Choctaw’s strong community and TA team
  • The importance of faith, family, and culture in Choctaw’s employment brand
  • Navigating and adapting to change through a global pandemic
  • Servant leadership as the key to Choctaw’s success

“Servant leadership is having the point of view that your team doesn’t work for you; you work for your team,” Rob explains. When we focus on the needs of our own communities, he adds, we are able to create opportunities for others to grow and prosper. View here…

Source: ERE