Expanding Internationally? A 5-Step Process to Ensure Success

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Businesses expand internationally for a range of reasons, from building revenue and launching new partnerships to increasing their talent pool. One of the best ways to beat the competition is to stop looking in the same markets for the same candidates. Instead, find new geographic areas where you can identify emerging and untapped talent to give your team that competitive edge.

Whatever the motivation, the ability to quickly hire the top talent you identify, in new international markets, will be among the biggest challenges and will often be the defining influence of success or failure.

So, how can businesses ensure, once they identify top talent, that they can get them onboard quickly? Approaching the process in five steps can help ensure expansion plans move forward:

1. Start With a Solid Recruitment Strategy

For any business, its first hires in a new market can play a significant role in the success of the entire company. That’s why strategic recruitment planning is such an important use of time and resources.

A big part of this preparation is understanding the nuances of local employment laws, employee benefits, and all other relevant issues, from defining staff categories to establishing opportunities for career progression. The aim of the game is to establish an employee value proposition that’s aligned with your corporate culture yet accommodates local differences.

A sensible hiring strategy should also promote your company’s key values to ensure you find people who are the right fit for your organization. While this is true when anyone new is hired, new recruits working remotely from the core business will need to embody your corporate values, energy, passion, and ethics. They will set the tone for everyone else who joins the local teams in the future. Continue reading here…

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