Small But Effective Ways to Positively Impact CX

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Earlier this week, the annual Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Talent Conference and Expo kicked off virtually, and while attendees weren’t able to enjoy the Florida sunshine or visit Disney World’s vast theme park after conference hours, they were able to enjoy the multiple sessions SHRM had to offer online.

The conference was loaded with great tips and strategies for recruiting talent during these uncertain times, and one session that stood out, in particular, was SocialTalent CEO Johnny Campbell’s session, “The 10 Principles Behind Great Candidate and Hiring Manager Experience.” Campbell’s engaging session was very informative, and I’d like to share some of his insights.

CX Must Reflect the Candidate’s Identity

As COVID-19 continues to impact employers and employees alike, that doesn’t mean we should be blowing off potential candidates who are still actively looking for work. The candidate experience (CX) has always been an important part of the recruiting process, but as employment starts to pick back up, how you offer a great CX will stand out most to the top talent you seek.

If you’re trying to create a great CX for jobseekers, it starts with your employer brand. When building your brand, you must start by identifying your company’s clear set of values. Your core principles/values need to permeate every aspect of the CX, Campbell says, and when your values align with those of potential candidates, you’ll be one step ahead of getting them in the door.

Campbell advises that the best employer brand must have a combination of sincerity and personality, and you must build this brand as a reality, not an image. If you present candidates with an unrealistic idea of what it’s like to work for your company and they show up on day 1 and don’t see that “reality,” they’re going to walk out the door, leaving you right where you started.

Satisfy Candidates’ Higher Objectives

When employees ask HR for a raise, there’s usually an underlying motive behind why they want more money, suggests Campbell. It isn’t that they want more money just to have more money, but maybe they need to pay for their daughter’s braces or expensive medical bills.

The logic behind why an employee does something can be referred to as “higher objectives (HOs).” Sure, asking for money is subjective, but getting down into the weeds as to why the employee needs something will help achieve his or her HO.

Campbell says that wants and needs are derivative, but when it comes to creating a great CX, you must be satisfying that HO, and that HO depends on each individual person. In order to show candidates you have their HO in mind, Campbell suggests highlighting these initiatives on your company’s career site. These initiatives can include showing candidates how your company participates in social responsibility programs or showing them how your employees are active in volunteering for their communities. Continue reading here…

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