What Cities Pay HR Professionals the Most?

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A lot of people will be looking around at new jobs this year, and maybe even new cities to live in. With that in mind, we thought it’d be interesting to take a look at salary data for HR professionals across the US to see what cities pay the most, and the least. On a side note, title matters a lot and we’ve previously found that PeopleOps make more money than HR across almost any level/geo.

One of the greatest aspects of HR jobs is that they can be found everywhere. Across industries and across the country, companies depend on HR to keep business running smoothly. But where is the best place to look for a job in HR? While a lot of this depends on your own personal preference, understanding the salary differences for HR jobs in different cities can help you make a more informed decision about where to look for an HR job.

With data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we mapped the average annual salaries for five different HR jobs across 50 cities to help you figure out where your HR job is most lucrative. Here’s what we found.

Compensation and Benefits Manager

High: San Francisco, CA: $171,560

Low: Little Rock, AK: $81,570

Mean: $132,860

Compensation and Benefits Managers are in charge of planning and overseeing the development of an organization’s pay and benefits structures. They work strategically with executives to ensure an organization’s compensation planning is aligned with business objectives. With the highest mean salary of all five of the HR jobs that we analyzed, it is clear businesses are putting at a high premium on workers who can fulfill these duties.

With a mean wage almost $50,000 above average, San Francisco has the highest pay for compensation and benefits managers, with New York taking the second slot. Philadelphia, Denver, and Washington D.C. are other cities where the average salary is far above the mean. Little Rock is the city with the lowest average salary, while New Orleans, Charlotte, and Louisville also have lower wages for this position.

Of the five HR positions reviewed, compensation and benefits managers have the highest mean annual wage. However, this group also has the widest salary range with the highest and lowest salaries varying by nearly $90,000.

HR Managers

hr manager salary.png

High: San Francisco, CA: $163,050

Low: Little Rock, AK: $86,140

Mean: $126,700

While the title of HR Manager can be associated with a variety of duties and responsibilities, the Bureau of Labor Statistics uses the term as an all-encompassing label for those involved in directing the administrative functions of an organization.

HR workers at this level coordinate an HR team and serve as a link between an organization’s top executives and its employees. 

San Francisco boasts the highest pay for HR Managers, but New York City comes in a close second with an annual mean wage of $162,010. Washington D.C. and Denver are also not too far behind. The lowest pay for HR Managers occurs in Little Rock, where the average salary is about $40,000 below the national average. Boise and Cheyenne account for the only other data points below $100,000 for this position. Continue reading here…

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