Empowering Females Within STEM Careers…

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Studies show that science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are industries which are primarily dominated by men. Statistics from 2017 found that only 23 per cent of the STEM workforce was female.

LinkedIn’s data has found that in the last four decades, STEM had more women enter the field than any other. Philanthropist and former general manager at Microsoft, Melinda Gates, commented: “Innovation happens when we approach urgent challenges from every different point of view. Bringing women and underrepresented minorities into the field guarantees that we see the full range of solutions to the real problems that people face in the world.”

In 2019, in fact, some of the biggest names and influential figures in the industry were women, including Kate Bouman, the woman who engineered the first image of a black hole.

So what is causing this low number, and what is being done to combat it?

Breaking Through Bias

Biases are something unfortunately all have. They’re a natural part of how we think, especially those who were raised with the notion that men are better suited for certain jobs than women. Charles Darwin once commented that women were intellectual inferiors and, up until the 20th century, universities rejected women’s applications. Continue reading here…

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