How HRTech Sales Works

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We wanted to shed some light on the sales process of most HRTech vendors in order to arm HR and TA professionals with the knowledge they need to save time and money when buying new hr software. Our goal is that you’ll be able to buy tools with more confidence and know the answers to annoying questions like why salespeople never tell you what you want to know on first calls.

Your First Sales Call

When you ask for a demo, or download an eBook, or get reached out to cold, the person on the other end of the phone is an entry-level salesperson, typically a “Sales Development Rep” (SDR) or “Business Development Rep” (BDR).

Their job is to find, engage, and qualify new prospects for their business.  By “qualify” we mean they are trying to figure out if you have Budget, Authority, Need, and a Timeline (BANT).  In simple terms, they are trying to figure out if you are worth the time of the more senior salesperson they feed leads to.

A BDR is typically compensated based on the number of qualified meetings they can book per month.  They are booking these meetings with an Account Executive (AE), this is your second sales call.

You can save time by simply telling that first salesperson over email that you do indeed have BANT, and that you want to skip to a demo. Trust us, they’d rather skip this meeting as well as they get compensated based on the number of qualified demos they book for their AE, not whether or not they got on the phone with you.

Your Second Sales Call

Your second sales call will typically be with someone who is compensated based on closing new business (a quota-bearing sales rep).  They have titles like Account Executive or Regional Sales Manager. They talk to your peers all day long, and so the best ones are full of valuable information and best practices, just tinged with a little bias towards buying their software.

Their job is to show you the product, figure out how you’d use it, and then move you towards buying it.  They’re going to “discover” your pain, learn more about your internal org, and hopefully act as a trusted advisor throughout the rest of the buying process. Continue reading here…

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