Just Shut Up And Write the Book!

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Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to be a writer. It turns out I’m terrible at fiction and poetry. But, I naturally found this form of writing called blogging, and it suited me well. I’m pretty good at it. I decided that I’d take this style of blogging and write some nonfiction. And that turned out to be pretty naive. 

I worked with agents and publishers who had an interest in all of this, but I couldn’t write a book about Human Resources. I tried to do it again, this time writing a book about failure. And well, with that, I failed pretty hard. 

After these failed attempts, I was pretty down about my career. Then, one of my colleagues said to me, “You just need to shut up and write the book you were born to write.”

It turns out he was right. I had been distracting myself with all of these projects and endeavors. I just needed to quiet my mind and write the book I was born to write. 

And, now, within six months, my book, “Betting on You: How to Put Yourself First (Finally) And Take Control of Your Career,” will be here! Continue reading here…

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By: Laurie Ruettimann

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