The Amalgamation of HR and InfoTech- HRIS: A Boon or Bane

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Human Resource Management is not a classical or customary job anymore. With modernization, the need to mechanize the HRoperations grew with leaps and bounds. Now, there are not just individual automatic systems to facilitate functions, the multifarious parts that each system has, also add to the level of advancement and efficiency. For instance, there are notable similarities between an HRMS system, HCM suite, and HRIS software, but the purpose of each has almost hairline differences which makes them unique.

In this blog, we will throw some light on the HRIS (Human Resource Information System) in particular and see if it serves as a blessing or curse on the Human Resource professionals in the business. 

Let us first understand what is HRIS  and what role does it play in a corporate establishment: 

What is HRIS?

Human Resource Information System, as the name suggests, is the point of intersection or the place where human resources and information technology combine. It is the root cause behind HR processes and activities taking place electronically. 

Role of HRIS in an organization

Incorporate organizations, an HRIS is used as an online solution or software to gather, enter, process, classify, modify, record, track and disseminate data/ information for payroll, management and accounting functions. It is specifically integrated to track quantitative employee information such as SSNs and schedules. Continue reading here…

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