How to get a career in the electricity networks sector

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The electricity network sector is meeting a constant demand for power, with a workforce that is ever-growing. A reliable supply of electricity is the backbone of almost all commercial industries, so distribution must be efficient and secure. 

There are a wide range of careers in the sector especially for those with a strong understanding or interest in electrical systems, and problem-solving skills. Also, the industry is benefiting from an ever-advancing range of smart and low carbon technologies that will interact with electricity networks and electric connection systems. This is driving the need for a new generation of engineers with the skills to work on the energy systems of the future. 

With an average starting salary of £16,000 we take a look at careers in the energy networks sector and some of the routes towards employment. 

Apprenticeships which combine the development of vocational skills with practical work experience are one of the most popular routes into a career in electricity, and they are offered in many colleges across the UK. The options are varied, with qualifications available in estimating, electrical design, electrical contracts and technical electrician diplomas. 

Power distribution apprenticeships are supported by some major employers in the industry, and they nurture ‘work-ready’ candidates who have experience of the work environment and a wealth of technical knowledge. Many professionals in the distribution sector build their career through a power network craftsperson advanced apprenticeship, or a higher apprenticeship for electrical power network engineers. Other relevant college courses include the Level 2 Certificate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology and the Level 3 Diploma in Engineering Technology. Read more here…

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