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Preparing a candidate for the selection process with a client is the ‘last mile’ effort for any recruiter. Many times ‘good’ candidates are clueless on selection processes and how to face them. It, therefore, is the job of every recruiter to ensure that every candidate is briefed well before assigning them to any client selection process.

Preparing a Resume

Most candidates have one format of resume that they have created painstakingly, and they end up sending it with every job application. Irrespective of the number of years of experience that a candidate may have (or even a fresher), it is impossible to describe yourself in a few paragraphs. It is therefore emphasized that the candidates highlight those aspects of their qualification, which will help them getting (or at least be considered) for a specific job.  So, if a candidate is applying for a ‘customer service’ job, she needs to highlight in the resume, similar jobs held before or even the ‘service’ or ‘support’ aspect of other jobs held earlier. She could also highlight voluntary/community work done, helping others. The point here is to highlight those aspects that would help the employer understand your fitment for the job rather than giving out a laundry list of all your qualifications, roles, and achievements that may be of little interest to the employer.

Most candidates are not regular job seekers and resume writers and it would be useful if the recruiter guides candidates on this aspect before forwarding the resume to prospective employers.

Briefing Before a Job Interview

This is just a brief checklist of actions to be taken & all that a candidate must study/know about the selection process and the company before going for the interview. Ideally, the recruiter must create a document containing most of the information and insist that every candidate goes through the same before attending the selection process.

  • Company details – Name, office locations, manufacturing facilities, business lines /products/services, business size, listed unlisted.
  • Visit the Company website and read all mentioned information
  • Know details about the industry & competitors
  • Read the job description and understand the job role thoroughly
  • Prepare a list of questions that you may like to ask the interviewer
  • Understand the selection process that would be followed
  • Dress code if any for the process. It is normally safe to be formally dressed
  • The exact time for the interview and the correct location.
  • Any other information that the recruiter is aware of which would be useful to the candidate
  • The recruiter may also set automated text/email reminders one day before and an hour prior to the interview. Read more here…

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