Game Changers come to play: Nominate your All-Star

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Roughly more than a decade ago, if you mentioned to a layman your job involved managing a contingent workforce, you would probably have been met with a blank stare. To be fair, even within your company, the reaction would probably have been the same. Once referred to as pioneers in an emerging field, the contingent workforce management profession has come a long way. In 2003, only 16% of CW managers spent most of their time on contingent issues, according to SIA data. In 2019, our research indicated 76% spent at least 50% of their time on contingent issues with 45% spending 100% of their time on contingent issues.

Today, we have a role, complete with a career path, and the respect of the C-suite.

It has taken a recession, technology advances, digital advances and the expectations of Gens Y and Z to change the way we work. Blended workforces — a mix of employees and contingents — are in and need to be managed. Today’s CW managers are gaining recognition and appreciation in the boardroom. And we called it first — and we honored them first in our CW Program Game Changers list. Launched two years ago, we’ve had the pleasure of profiling some of the most innovative programs in the market. These professionals have helped elevate temporary work while providing their companies resources to fill gaps and supply expert resources to get the job done. Read more here…

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