Your Secret Weapon For Staying Inspired, Motivated & Energized in HR — Part 1

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With all the distressing news about COVID-19 every day, it’s hard not to feel the blues.

So, it’s great news that we’re gradually beginning to emerge from it.

However, there are some HR folks that never let the Great Pandemic stress them out.

Would you like to know:

  • What made them excited about getting up and going to work every day at home…while others can’t seem to climb out of bed ?
  • What’s the passion or desire that fuels them throughout their day?
  • What gives them the extra motivation and drive to go above and beyond?

Curious about how they do it?

Let me give you ONE theory.

Are you ready?

It’s because they’ve given themselves a… 

Big Mission That Matters!  

That’s their secret weapon.

Here’s how I’d further define this.

It’s a cause, a driving purpose or
simply the big reason that inspires
you to get up in the morning!

That’s it.

It’s no more complicated than that.

Have you given yourself a big mission that matters?  Are you currently be driven by one?  If not, why not?

Think about the top performers in all walks of life.

I guarantee they have ONE thing in common — they’ve given themselves a compelling cause or purpose that drives them. Read more here…

Source: Success in HR

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