Being a Social Detective!!!

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For those of you that have been following me, you know when ever I post about lesser sites, I always say at some point use your social detective skills. Well while I Have spoken about it, showed it and perhaps did a video about it, I never wrote about, so here we go.

Being a Social Detective means following the bread crumbs were they lead by using the information available to connect to other social data to create as compete a picture of the target as you can. Yes I said target. You need to remember that you are a Social Detective and detective have suspects that they target to find out more about.

So information you are looking for that can help you to find more comes in 2 main categories:

Level 1 – mainstream information such as: full name, email, title, company, phone, address etc. Of course any combinations as well.

Level 2 – non mainstream information such as: username, picture, url, conference, site found, skill, etc. Of course any combination of these as well.

So for example lets say you x-ray into You find a list of attendees to a Java Conference. Some have all the info you need, some have some Level 1s others have some to limited level 2 information. What do you do with level 2 which will be where you make your hay as a Social Detective. So we will focus on level 2. Continue reading here…

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