What are we here for?

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While recently looking at some of the available human resource positions, across the country, we came across an ad that was seeking a hands-on HR professional.

This is fine but it was the punch line that really caught my eye. In the job requirements, this organization specifically stated that it did not want an HR strategist.

So my question is if we are not supposed to look at the HR function as being part of the overall organization, then what are we here for? Are we only transactional specialists?

Human resources can no longer effectively contribute to the organization if we are expected to be a silo within the organization. The human resource management arena is not the same as it was five years ago, or even ten minutes ago. Laws have changed. Focus has changed.

There are new challenges being faced every day. Here is my take on the content of the job posting.

I see the role of the HR manager in today’s organization is one of not only coordinating the daily needs of the employee base but looking at how the HR management arena is part of how the organization utilizes its brand. This is ever more important in this era of CoVid-19. Read more here…

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